What does it mean being a member of Impact Hub Vigo?

Being a member of Impact Hub Vigo means that you belong to an international community with more than 15.000 changemakers, a community that acts in different sectors, from Food to Sustainable Energies, from Transport to Education ...
From Impact Hub Vigo, we connect with a network of Social Innovation at a worldwide framework, where you will be able to collaborate, to learn and to contribute. Professionals, companies, organisations and associations have in Impact Hub the opportunity to find ideas and solutions to enhance the aimed social impact of our work.
To do so, we make it available to our community a space of work located in more than 70 countries and a range of services including access to Impact Hub Net, to Impact Hub Passport, to participate in open events and access to national and international programs.
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How can I become a member?
So easy: fill in our application form and we will contact with you within next 48 hours (Monday to Friday)

Are membership pricing issued for a whole team or per person?

Membership pricing are issued on an individual basis, unless you come to work in a team, where we can offer 4 spots for the price of 3. This gives you the flexibility to choose tariffs for your team depending on their space usage.

How does the global network relate to Impact Hub Vigo?

By being a member of Impact Hub Vigo, you are a member of all Impact Hubs around the world and can access them when visiting other cities. Impact Hub is a global community of people from every profession, background and culture working at ‘new frontiers’ to tackle the world’s most pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges.

As a member of Impact HUB Vigo, you will receive the HUB Passport which permits you to work in other Impact HUBs around the world for free.

How can I arrange to visit Impact Hub Vigo?

We are located on the 2st floor of Policarpo Sanz 21. If you would like to arrange a visit please write to vigo@impacthub.net or just show up during the mornings (from 08:30 to 14:00)
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I want to become a member

  • Email
  • Please tell us about your project, your organization or your proposal for Impact Hub Vigo