Collective action by people and organizations is key to offer innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges.

Impact Hub is a global network of changemakers. With more of 15000 members in 80 cities, each local Impact Hub provides and inspires the creation of solutions that may be escalable at the global level.

There a lot of stories that involve a collective engagement. From Impact Hub Vigo we want to help and build other new stories with companies, associations, entrepreneurs researches, freelancers, educators, developers… diverse people with a common concern aimed at learning, growing and driving positive impact in the world with their initatives, projects and works. 

If you are interested about Impact Hub Vigo, the opportunities what we can offer you from our space and to learn how to build solutions to global challenges from a collective view, join us in our space in Policarpo Sanz 21, 2, on Friday, December 16  from 16:00 to 20:00. In the IMPACTA workshop we will share methods for the development of those solutions which you can apply in your projects. 

Free admision prior registration.