From Amsterdam to Johannesburg, Singapore to San Francisco, Impact Hub is part innovation lab, part social business incubator and part community centre, globally interconnected for encouraging the exchange of ideas and knowledge

Impact Hub Vigo connects people, companies and organizations to explore sustainable development,  share, and promote social innovation programmes, entrepreneurial initiatives and social projects with a positive impact,  real and measurable, in other context and locations.

Impact Hubs are located in over 81+ cities supporting over 15000+ members. Soon we will open our headquarters in Vigo, where we have merged the best of an innovation lab, a business incubator and a open workspace to build an unique ecosystem for collaborative learning, creativity and networking for your project or business.

Our aim is to inspire and connect to all those who want to make a positive impact on society and environment.

Sustainable Energy and Transport, Urban planning, Education, Culture, Health, Inclusion and an Efficient Use of Natural Resources are some of the topics where we want to act and make positive impacts.

A task such as requires a collective action, Impact Hub Vigo welcomes new partnerships with companies, people and institutions which seek to increase their social impact and scope.

If you’re interested in being part of our community, contact us!